Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Flying with Emirates

Next flight: Emirates!

I was convinced that Garuda is one of the best plane I have ever taken but Emirates takes it to a different level.

It is just like another part of the holiday that I take on air with Emirates. And I fully understand it is because of the differences of the destinations that they cover, the services, and everything else.

I was ready to fly far far away!

Emirates planes are HUGE.

They are super punctual (or even, some minutes earlier if they finish board people fast).

There are both advantages and disadvantages regarding the very punctual airlines. I don't mind waiting for hours in plane because I was taught to be extra early in everything (come to airport 3 hours before any flight, or more if I am going to take international flights). But what would make me nervous is connecting flight(s).

We have no control for delay/ late arrival.. While I would always prefer as little transit time as possible, when delay happens, I have bigger risk in unable to catch my next flight.

So far, no such horror happen to me.. But, I wonder if there is anyone that have this experience?

So glad Emirates' punctuality record is very good. I even saw some of Emirates' flights were a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time! At least that is what I got from tiny observation of Emirates' past history of flights. 😃

They have entertainments for you!

It was my first experience seeing so many stuff in front of me inside airplane. So exciting! I might not need sleep to play in my whole long flights (how I was wrong in this).

Tons of new movies I didn't get to watch, I watched everything in the plane. 😛

Oh, do I mention that there is WiFi on-board? 📱

Although I didn't use it for some weird reasons, such as:
- I couldn't find the WiFi
- I connected, but the network didn't work at all.

But it was not a problem since I got nausea very easily when I lower my head and see my phone.
I'd prefer to wait for some more hours to send messages to people.

The air-stewards and air-stewardess are very good looking and very happy to help you.

Even in rough weather, you cannot help but to feel less nervous because the crews are all calm in all degree of shakiness and still serve you happily like everything is alright. 😌

And, the last and the best thing about Emirates, is the food they give.

Breakfast over the sea.

These meals are from the Economy class!
Plus a tray of snacks apart from this. (It was Turkey roll sandwich and Chocolate chip muffin)

I had no idea how long will they let the tray here with us, so I ate slowly.. They took the tray away super fast that I didn't get to eat the bread! 😭

Lesson learnt: I will eat faster and eat everything next time! #howtobefat #konacheat

Every now and then they will also walk around to offer you drinks and small bites.

Passengers service to the whole new level!

Oh, and since it was late night flight, I--who planned to watch movie or play games during whole flight--had to change my plan to sleep and reserve my energy for the super long flights.

It also failed--I was unable to fall asleep at all--because the plane was very shaky when we crossed the Indian Ocean, so I was becoming very nervous and I was thinking about survival plan if I ever fall down to the sea.

I know very silly thoughts.. But I really dislike shaky plane.
I thought it was the end of me boohoo. 😭

Sky Views

Jakarta.. See you!

Somewhere in the middle-east.

Was going to reach the airport hub soon!

Dubai from top is really sparkly!

Hello Dubai! Shaky shaky.

Kona ♥
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