Monday, September 11, 2017

Music Bank in Jakarta 2017

I went!

Ultimate proof!

The place was really wide, but also shadeless.
Extremely hot and sunny 😩🌞 I couldn't last long.
See the queue, makes me nausea already.

I don't know why these people are going through so much suffering to see people who don't know them.

Or maybe I don't know yet..
I have no idea..

It was exciting to be in the same area as Bang Yongguk because no matter how fierce his face and his voice are, his smile is mesmerising 😊💞

Majority of the people there are EXO fans, then I blurted:
"I don't like EXO" 😒

Then Sis hushed me and said:
"Later they hear! They will kick you out!"

Are KFans that scary?? 😰

Kona ♥
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