Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dubai International Airport

It felt amazing to step into one of the busiest airport in the Earth!

Even though it is early in the morning, there were tons of people walking around. I was overwhelmed with the crowds but I was too awed to see how enormous this airport is!

I was very convinced that I was in different country already.

Rechecking where to go.

Oh, after almost half-day flight, the first destination that I went to is the female toilet.

I didn't dare to use airplane toilet because I was afraid the airplane would shake when I am using it. I don't like shaky airplanes. I remained seated whole flight!

Look at the queue!

Fun fact: Dubai's tap water is HOT🔥!

But why❔❕ #cultureshock

I was thinking to wash my face after a very long flight with cool water to wake me up but it was a shockingly hot water. 🔥😰

I was afraid I would have a hard time finding my next gate to my next flight but it was extremely easy. 🙌

I was perfectly not lost. Thank you DXB! And see that dawn sky~ 🌄

 No I was not going to stop. I was not tempted!! *cold sweat* 😰

People who designed the airport are great, awesome people!
Reason: I located the gate fast and easily.

Thank you for making my solo backpack trip completely fun because I wasn't lost at all, not even once. 👏

I believe if I had a long transit time I would walk to the whole corner of the airport to discover everything, but since I only had a very short transit time so I'd put that on my bucket list first.

Now to my next flight! 🛫

Kona ♥